The Super Luigi Movie

Luigi, Patamon and friends try to stop a menacing burglar, who is stealing items. Luigi awakes to find his silver medal had been stolen, Patamon's PS3 had been stolen and Pikachu's vase has been stolen. They round up some witnesses to describe what happened. They interview Scampi, Hamtero and Red Panda. They put Patamon on guard duty. That night, he finds the burglar, but doesn't recognise him. Luigi and Patamon go on duty that night and Luigi goes out to get snacks, the burglar states they wont find him, but by the time Luigi returns, he's gone. Luigi manages a swat team, along with Piggy, Patamon, Scampi and Pikachu. They set out traps, but the burglar bypasses them. The Hand eventually rescues them from who is identified as The Dog Burglar's clutches.


  • This is the first feature lenght episode.
  • Patamon owns a PS3.


  • Patamon speaks in Waka's voice at one point, for Patamon starred as Waka (Ôkami) in LuigiMario2009's previous and unreleased project.

Real-World RefrencesEdit

  • Luigi's line "paint a mental picture so you won't forget" comes from Chowder.
  • A PS3 is the latest consel of Sony.