"Luigi, thats like the dumbest idea you've had all day!"
Aliases Patymon
Occupation Co. Star

Band member



Affiliations Luigi (friend)
Cheese (friend)
The Dog Burglar (rival)
Species bird-like creature


First Appearance A New Begining
Voice actor LuigiMario2009

Patamon Edit

Patamon is the series' co. star, and is friends with Luigi. Patamon speaks in a deep-ish,though voice, and usually never seems to agree most of the time.

Character Edit

Patamon is quite mean, although never seems to hurt anyone. He is basicly a plush of Digimons' "Patamon". He is the co. star of the series. He is an orange winged-bird like creature who has many occupations.  

Appearences Edit

Patamon has only appeared in most episodes:

  • A New Begining
  • The Band
  • Back To School
  • The Super Luigi Movie
  • Dinoween
  • Sleepatamon
  • My Last 101 Things