Luigi Edit

Luigi image
"Its'a Me, Luigi!!"
Aliases Weegee
Occupation Star

Band member


Colonel (squad leader)



Affiliations Patamon (friend)
Cheese (friend)
Shadow (friend)
Piggy (friend/rival)
Scampi (friend)
The Dog Burglar (rival)
Pikachu (friend)
The Dog (friend)
Frank (friend)
Species Human


First Appearance A New Begining
Voice actor LuigiMario2009

Luigi is a plush version of Super Mario Bros.' Luigi. He is the main character and is very kind. He was shown with several occupations (see above). He seems to be "helpful", although "not-really-helpful".

Character Edit

Luigi is very nice and never gets irritated easily, if so, he'll only speak his treaths (e.g. "Im going to kick you now." - The Super Luigi Movie) He pronounces "Patamon" as "Patymon", due to his accent. He wears a green shirt and hat, and blue overalls.

Appearences Edit

Luigi has appeared in every episode to date: